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  For first time ever, the Nova Scotia family providing this
  year's Boston Christmas tree will attend the 24th annual
  tree lighting ceremony.
  The Watson family of Hall's Harbour, King's County, will
  accept the gift of airfare and accommodation from the
  sponsors of the event, the Prudential Realty Group.
  The family, Dave, Sharon, and children Sarah, 12, Jeena, 5,
  and Christopher, 3, will fly to Boston on the morning of the
  ceremony, Dec. 2. They will be guests on stage with Economic
  Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison, who will bring greetings
  from Nova Scotia. The Watson children will also pull the
  switch that lights up the 17,000 bulbs on the tree.
  The lighting of the 50-foot-high white spruce is the focus
  of the event, which draws more than 25,000 people annually.
  The gift of a Christmas tree each year remains a gesture of
  thanks from the people of Nova Scotia to New Englanders who
  offered swift assistance following the 1917 Halifax
  Twenty-two members of the 78th Highland Regiment will also
  attend the ceremony, lending a distinctly Maritime feel to
  the occasion.
  The minister will also use the occasion to meet with major
  convention and meeting planners at a Greater Halifax
  Conventions and Meetings Bureau reception that coincides
  with the event.
  "The tree lighting ceremony is one of Boston's most
  publicized events and it gives Nova Scotia a strong
  profile," said Mr. Harrison. "It provides the ideal
  background for our private sector to attract business to our
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  trp                    Nov. 29, 1995