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  Transportation and Communications Minister Richie Mann today
  assured local Cumberland and Colchester County gravel and
  dump truck operators today that they will not be required to
  use the tolled Western Alignment for pick-ups and deliveries
  within the local area.
  "I am very concerned that a myth has been circulating that
  local dump trucks will be required to pay a toll to reach
  the gravel pits located in the area, and I'm very pleased to
  have met with their representatives to clarify that," Mr.
  Mann said.
  Mr. Mann met with the truckers following a peaceful
  demonstration by approximately 40 truckers, many of whom
  were dump truck operators from Cumberland County. The
  province is negotiating with a consortium to reach a
  public-private partnership for the construction and
  operation of a new Highway 104 between Masstown and Thomson
  Station as a toll road.
  Contact: Donna M. McCready  902-424-8687
  trp                      Nov. 30, 1995