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  Premier John Savage will address a major gathering of
  shipping and transportation executives in New York City this
  The premier is a speaker at a Thursday luncheon sponsored by
  the Halifax-Dartmouth Port Development Commission, the
  Halifax Port Corporation, and Canadian National Railway. The
  luncheon will be attended by representatives of the port's
  largest customers, as well as other shipping industry
  Premier Savage will use his New York speech to explain the
  Nova Scotia government's interest in port development and
  its desire to create a single gateway authority for the Port
  of Halifax.
  "The Port of Halifax faces major challenges as a result of
  more aggressive competition, technology changes in shipping,
  and the privatization of CN. We think it's time to re-invent
  the Port of Halifax," he said.
  The premier said there is often confusion as to what agency
  is responsible for overall port development. Port customers
  have expressed frustration with the numerous marketing and
  service providers at the port. The provincial government is
  taking a leadership role in determining how we can best
  serve the interests of our customers.
  "As a government we want to play a key leadership role in
  moving towards a new gateway authority. We don't want to run
  the port, but we do want to do all that we can to promote
  the concept of an integrated and focused agency for the
  The premier said the New York luncheon will be attending by
  key shipping interests. Later in the day, the premier will
  make a second presentation to shipping company executives at
  a dinner sponsored by the provincial government.
  "We want the shippers to understand our commitment to
  ensuring that Halifax remains a first-class port. We want to
  let them know that we are interested in serving this port's
  customers in the best possible way."
  Transportation Minister Richie Mann and Economic Renewal
  Minister Robbie Harrison will also attend the New York
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  trp                      Dec. 04, 1995