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  Enhancing cancer services in Nova Scotia is the key focus
  for the new Nova Scotia Cancer Program Action Committee of
  the Nova Scotia Department of Health.
  Established this fall, the committee will propose a plan of
  action for an integrated and comprehensive framework for the
  delivery of cancer services in the province. The committee
  will also identify the appropriate provision of quality care
  for people at all stages of cancer. The action plan will
  include an overall implementation strategy.
  "Because this province has one of the highest cancer rates
  in the country, this is very important for the well-being of
  all Nova Scotians," said Health Minister Ron Stewart. "It's
  a committee mandated to develop a plan of action; plan for a
  solid framework to ensure everyone with cancer benefits
  equally from consistent, top-notch quality care."
  The Cancer Program Action Committee will concentrate on how
  to effectively prevent and control the spread of cancer as
  well as the development of treatment and support services
  for people with cancer. It will also focus on research
  During its planning stages the committee will review
  existing planning documents and initiatives as well as other
  provinces' cancer management programs. Its recommendations
  will range from a cancer prevention strategy and treatment
  methods to physician credentials, funding and budget issues.
  The committee is expected to submit its proposal January,
  Dr. Rick LeMoine, a staff physician at Cape Breton Regional
  Hospital, is the chair of the committee which is comprised
  of representatives from regional hospital administrators,
  family physicians, medical and nursing cancer specialists,
  the Nova Scotia Cancer Society, Queen Elizabeth II Health
  Sciences Centre, Dalhousie University and the Department of
  Health. The committee is also working with patient focus
  Contact: Sue McKeage  902-424-3581
  trp                       Dec. 04, 1995