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  Municipal Affairs Minister Sandy Jolly today announced the
  selection of KPMG Management Consulting to conduct a
  municipal government study in Pictou County. Robert
  Radchuck, a partner in the Halifax office of KPMG, will be
  the project manager for the study.
  There are six municipal units in Pictou County including the
  Municipality of the County of Pictou; and the Towns of New
  Glasgow, Pictou, Stellarton, Trenton, and Westville. The
  delivery of local government services has been a subject of
  considerable debate among the county's municipal units over
  the past number of months.
  Four of the area's municipal councils passed resolutions
  requesting that the minister undertake a study examining the
  merits of replacing the six municipal governments with a
  single regional municipality.
  At a meeting with municipal government officials held in
  Pictou Sept. 26 the minister agreed to initiate and fund a
  "The Pictou study will follow a similar process to the
  Cumberland study. The consultants will obtain the views and
  opinions of the citizens in Pictou County through a number
  of public meetings. They will also consult extensively with
  the elected and appointed officials of the municipal units,"
  the minister said.
  The study will review the current financial situation and
  service delivery methods of the existing municipalities. It
  will also examine the financial and non-financial advantages
  and disadvantages of adopting a regional structure taking
  into account the principles of accessibility,
  accountability, and cost-effectiveness.
  "A regional municipality will only be established for Pictou
  County if, at the completion of the study, a majority of the
  municipal councils in Pictou County request that one be
  established," said the minister. She said this is in line
  with the process set out in bill 28, An Act Respecting
  Regional Municipalities, which was introduced in the
  Legislature Oct. 26.
  The KPMG Management Consulting proposal was selected as a
  result of a public tender. Proposals were assessed on value
  for money by comparing study methodology, combined with
  proposal cost. This contract will commence immediately with
  a projected completion date at the end of February.
  Contact: Tom LeBlanc  902-424-5634
  trp                       Dec. 07, 1995