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  The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Human
  Rights Commission and the Court of Canadian Citizenship will
  commemorate the 47th Anniversary of the Universal
  Declaration of Human Rights on Sunday, Dec. 10, 1995,
  beginning with the raising of the United Nations flag
  outside Province House by Premier John Savage at 2 p.m. This
  will be followed by a proclamation ceremony and a
  citizenship court at the World Trade and Convention Centre,
  Highland Suites 6 and 7. The ceremony will also include a
  performance by the Nova Scotia Mass Choir.
  This year the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission is pleased
  to acknowledge the contribution of the Bayers Road Shopping
  Centre with the presentation of Human Rights Awards to two
  of its employees: Bev Sweetman, manager,
  Marketing/Promotions, Tenant/Public Relations and Barbara
  Goldsmith, Customer Service Co-ordinator.
  They represent a team of professionals who believe that the
  entrepreneurial spirit can flourish in an environment that
  fosters human rights. Ms. Sweetman and Ms. Goldsmith have
  provided exceptional services to customers of the Bayers
  Road Shopping Centre who have special needs. There is ample
  parking for persons with disabilities. Wheelchairs and
  strollers are provided to shoppers upon request. The mall
  also has a coat check which many seniors use when using the
  mall for their exercise programs. Children are rewarded for
  staying in school and taking pride in their report cards.
  Special arrangements have been made with a regular shopper
  who has a seizure disorder. Once mall management was alerted
  to the fact that a customer was at risk of having a seizure
  due to the music in the stores, she now calls ahead of time
  and the music in the stores where she shops is turned off.
  These kinds of interventions at Bayers Road Shopping Centre
  require the cooperation and understanding of all mall
  personnel and demonstrate that barriers to accessing
  facilities and services can be overcome.
  Wayne MacKay, executive director of the Nova Scotia Human
  Rights Commission said the awards are important so, "we
  accentuate the positive in the field of human rights as well
  as sanction misbehaviour. There are corporate citizens who
  have a genuine commitment to human rights and individual
  managers who implement it. This year's human rights awards
  celebrate and acknowledge good corporate conduct in
  promoting human rights".
  Contact: Wayne MacKay  902-424-3130
           May Lui       902-424-7282
  trp                     Dec. 07, 1995