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  A new auto gas tank manufacturing plant will be built in
  Debert by Bartlett's Gas Tanks Inc., creating up to 80 jobs,
  the provincial and federal governments announced today.
  Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison and Dianne
  Brushett, MP, on behalf of the Minister of Public Works and
  Government Services Canada and Minister for the Atlantic
  Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), David Dingwall announced
  approval of a $1.4 million repayable contribution under the
  Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on Industrial
  Development Opportunities, to assist Bartlett's to purchase
  machinery and equipment.
  Mr. Harrison also announced that the Nova Scotia Business
  Development Corporation has approved a $1.3 million loan to
  Bartlett's to purchase land and construct a building.
  The company plans to manufacture metal gas tanks for the
  automotive after-care market, in Canada and the United
  States. The new plant will be built next to the owner's
  existing manufacturing complex, Canadian Automotive Radiator
  Exchange and Manufacturing Limited (CAREM). CAREM is a
  related car care business with an similar customer base that
  would also be interested in purchasing gas tanks. The
  existing distribution system ensures a ready market for
  Bartlett's Gas Tanks.
  Mr. Harrison said, "Barry Bartlett has seized an opportunity
  to break into a growing market with this new company. His
  background and expertise in this business, combined with the
  positive export outlook point to a second success story for
  Mr. Bartlett and the Debert park."
  "The Industrial Development Opportunities Agreement is all
  about creating new industries within Nova Scotia," said Ms.
  Brushett. "The federal government realizes that this
  translates into jobs."
  The potential market for Bartlett's Gas Tanks Inc. looks
  extremely promising, as only two other companies - one in
  Quebec and one in Indiana - currently manufacture gas tanks
  for the North American used car market.
  While some Canadian companies are involved in coating gas
  tanks, the market for coated tanks is declining and new steel
  aftermarket tanks are gaining market share. The aftermarket
  for gas tanks has traditionally involved repairing existing
  tanks, which often leads to failure; or replacing the unit,
  which can be costly as these tanks are usually purchased from
  the southern U.S., where rust is not a factor in used cars.
  As retail prices are now similar for new tanks, as opposed to
  repaired or used tanks, consumers are opting for the new tank.
  The company expects to make land improvements soon and begin
  construction in the spring of 1996.
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