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  Transportation and Communications Minister Richie Mann has
  cautioned that imposition of across the board marine service
  fees to all shipping lines, regardless of port services used
  would "seriously distort the concept of user pay, and serve
  to place coastal ports at a competitive disadvantage to
  inland ports."
  In a letter to federal Fisheries Minister Brian Tobin, Mr.
  Mann said that, while Nova Scotia supports the general
  concept of payment for services, shippers using Halifax or
  the Strait of Canso should not be required to pay for costs
  of dredging and ice-breaking. He noted that those ports, and
  the shipping lines that use them, should be required to pay
  only for those services that they use.
  "Fair payment for service received is certainly reasonable.
  We feel it would not be fair, however, that they be required
  to pay for services that, not only do they not use, but for
  services that actually diminish their competitive advantage
  against inland ports -- such as ice-breaking," Mr. Mann
  "The Government of Canada has recognized, in both the
  National Transportation Act and the proposed Canada
  Transportation Act, that transportation is a key to regional
  economic development. Any change in fee structures that
  would prevent coastal ports from capitalizing on our natural
  advantages would stand in direct and shameful contradiction
  of that principle," Mr. Mann said.
  The province has contacted Nova Scotian members of
  parliament, and other Atlantic ministers of transportation,
  urging them to support the region's Ports in their efforts
  for equitable user fees.
  Contact: Donna McCready  902-424-8687
  trp                       Dec. 11, 1995