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  The Porters Lake-Lake Echo Elementary School will be one of
  the most technologically advanced schools in the province
  when it opens its doors in 1997.
  Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern today
  announced Nova Learning Futures Inc. will be the private
  sector partner for the project.
  "This is a very exciting project for a number of reasons,"
  said Mr. MacEachern. "One, its another example of doing more
  through partnerships and secondly, it will expose students
  to the latest technology and prepare them for a future
  defined by technology and change."
  The Halifax-based consortium brings together development
  experts Fairwyn Developments Ltd. with industry leaders
  Lyndon Lynch Architects and Ellis-Don Atlantic Ltd.
  Educational consultants Interaccess Consulting are also
  involved along with management consultants Deloitte and
  Touche. SHL Systemhouse will spearhead the technology
  component of the project. The consortium will now develop an
  agreement with the province to design, construct, finance
  and operate the new school.
  Mr. MacEachern said the school will use technology to
  enhance classroom learning and to give students the skills
  needed to cope and excel in high school and beyond. As part
  of the agreement, Nova Learning Futures will keep leading
  edge technology in the school by upgrading, expanding, or
  replacing technology.
  Mr. MacEachern praised the school board for its willingness
  to pioneer the unique concept. With two schools under
  construction through private/public partnerships, Nova
  Scotia is drawing national attention. He said such
  partnerships can often speed up school construction and
  stimulate job creation. The Department of Education and
  Culture currently funds school construction and then turns
  schools over to school boards to operate and maintain.
  The department, Halifax County-Bedford District School Board
  and Nova Learning Futures are working to finalize facility
  requirements in anticipation of a construction start by
  June, 1996.
  Contact: Lisa Bugden  902-424-2795
  trp                     Dec. 11, 1995