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  Halifax Sheraton Casino's "free breakfast" promotion does
  not contravene the Nova Scotia Gaming Control Act and
  regulations, according to the Gaming Control Commission's
  director of investigation and enforcement, Joseph Renzi, who
  made the decision after reviewing the evidence collected
  during a week long investigation. 
  Mr. Renzi said after evaluating the marketing concept being
  offered by the Sheraton entitled "Club 55 plus" he felt
  there wasn't a violation of the casino regulations
  particularly Section 30 (4) which states "a casino operator
  shall provide goods in a casino at reasonable prices which
  are not predatory or exploitive of local suppliers of
  similar goods."
  A letter indicating this decision has been delivered to both
  Denise Burns, managing director of the Restaurant
  Asssociation of Nova Scotia who filed a complaint with the
  commission and Mel Thomas, general manager of Sheraton
  Casinos Nova Scotia. 
  Mr. Renzi said some of the key factors considered in the
  decision included the fact that there is a limited nature to
  the scope and timing of the promotion, evidence currently
  shows that the customer base is new and not being taken from
  other competitors, any revenue lost as a result of this
  initiative is small and it is not an unsual business
  practice to entice customers with giveaways for short
  He said Canadian case law clearly defines "predatory" and in
  this instance he felt the Sheraton promotion does not fall
  within that legal interpretation.
  "As a result I am not satisified at this time there are
  reasonable grounds to find the Sheraton Casino in violation
  of the regulations," said Mr. Renzi.
  He said, however that under the Gaming Control Act, Ms.
  Burns can appeal the order, which would then be considered
  informally by the executive director or at a formal hearing
  before the commission. 
  Contact: Joseph Renzi 902-469-6160
  jlw                                      Dec. 11, 1995