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  A new program to immunize children against Hepatitis B has
  been a great success, Health Minister Ron Stewart said
  More than 97 per cent of grade four children in the
  province, or more than 12,000 children, are being immunized
  against the viral infection. The province had set a target
  of reaching 90 per cent of the children in the first year of
  this annual program.
  "We are very pleased with the results of the immunization
  program," said Dr. Stewart. "I think schools, parents and
  public health staff should be congratulated for their
  outstanding efforts."
  The vaccine for Hepatitis B is administered in three doses
  and most of the province's grade four students have received
  their first dose. The second dose is being administered now
  and the third dose will be administered in the spring. Every
  year, grade four students will be asked to participate in
  the program.
  Some parents who were initially cautious about immunizing
  their children are now entering them in the program, Dr.
  Stewart said.
  Immunizing children against infections, including Hepatitis
  B, is preventive health care. The Hepatitis B vaccine is
  provided free of charge and is administered by public health
  nurses. Federal nurses administer the vaccine in aboriginal
  Hepatitis B, a virus, can cause liver damage and scarring
  that may lead to the development of liver cancer. The virus
  is spread through bodily fluids. Immunizing children
  protects them against future infection.
  "The broad acceptance of the immunization campaign bodes
  well for its success in the future," said Dr. Stewart.
  The Hepatitis B immunization program was planned and put in
  place with the co-operation and support of the Department of
  Education and Culture, school boards, principals and
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