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  The appointment of Raymond Cusson as the province's family
  violence program co-ordinator, was announced today by
  Justice Minister Bill Gillis.
  Mr. Cusson is being hired as part of the implementation of
  the Framework for Action Against Family Violence. He will be
  responsible for developing and implementing a training
  program for justice workers, and to assist in implementing
  the new policies related to the framework for action.
  Mr. Cusson is a 26-year veteran of the RCMP with extensive
  experience in the design, development and implementation of
  training programs at the Canadian Police College. He has
  particular expertise in the areas of family violence and
  cultural sensitivity training in his capacity as a
  consultant for training firms contracted by the Departments
  of National Defence and Indian and Northern Affairs.
  Mr. Cusson leaves his position as training advisor on family
  violence for the First Nations Chiefs of Police Association
  to take the position as family violence program
  During his career he has designed and delivered training
  programs relating to family violence for the Canadian Police
  College, the Agency for Instruction Technology, the Assembly
  of First Nations and  for members of the judiciary in
  "The qualifications and skills Mr. Cusson brings to the
  position are of the highest quality," said Dr. Gillis. "His
  reputation as an excellent police trainer will enhance his
  credibility with justice workers. His proven track record in
  the design and delivery of family violence training will
  serve him well as he takes on this very important and
  challenging position."
  Mr. Cusson was the unanimous choice of the selection
  committee. Six applicants, including Mr. Cusson, were
  interviewed. The committee consisted of two representatives
  of the Department of Justice, including Kit Waters, director
  of policy, planning and research, and Bob Barss, director of
  policing services. Marc Chisholm represented the public
  prosecution service and Stephanie MacInnis-Langley,
  represented the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia.
  Mr. Cusson begins his duties Jan. 2, 1996. Training for
  justice workers is expected to begin in March.
  NOTE TO EDITORS: Mr. Cusson will be available for interviews
  between noon and 2 p.m. at 5151 Terminal Road, 4th floor.
  Interviews can be arranged by contacting the number below.
  Contact: Michele McKinnon  902-424-6811
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