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  In conjunction with the Snowmobilers Association of Nova
  Scotia, the Department of Transportation and Communications
  has proclaimed Dec. 10 - 16 as Snowmobile Safety Week.
  "As with other sports involving motor vehicles, time must be
  taken to become familiar with the safety features of the
  equipment, regulations concerning traffic and safety and the
  environment in which the activity takes place," said
  Transportation and Communications Minister Richie Mann.
  Snowmobiling is gaining popularity across the country and
  therefore public awareness regarding the responsibilities
  associated with this form of recreation must increase as
  well, he said.
  Many snowmobile accidents are preventable and generally fall
  into five categories: drowning, collision with fixed
  objects, collision with parked motor vehicles, collision
  with moving motor vehicles, and exposure to the cold. 
  The minister said that all it usually takes to avoid a
  snowmobile accident is common sense. "If you must cross a
  frozen pond or lake, check the thickness of the ice with
  local residents first. Inform others of where you plan to go
  and when you expect to return. Also, keep in mind many
  accidents occur during the loading or unloading of
  machines," he said.
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  trp                       Dec. 13, 1995