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  Supply and Services Minister Gerald O'Malley has announced
  the signing of the first energy services contract between
  the province and the private sector.
  Mr. O'Malley said the province has signed a seven-year
  agreement with Landis and Gyr Powers to provide energy
  management services at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  and the Public Archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax. The
  minister said Landis and Gyr will invest $185,000 in
  mechanical and electrical systems. Another $188,000 will be
  spent on energy monitoring, project management and invested
  in training government employees to operate the systems at
  the end of the contract.
  Mr. O'Malley said the real bonus for the province is the
  guaranteed annual savings of $49,370 over the life of the
  contract. If savings are less than that amount, the
  difference will be paid by Landis and Gyr. He said other
  benefits to the province include job creation, lower
  operating costs, reduced environmental impact because of
  reduced energy consumption, upgraded facilities and reduced
  financial technical risk.
  Under the contract, Landis and Gyr Powers will design,
  finance and install retrofits or other energy saving
  measures at the two locations. Energy costs over a recent
  12-month period will be used as the basis for comparison.
  The company will take their costs and profits from the
  savings that are realized. Landis and Gyr will maintain and
  upgrade the system throughout the contract.
  At the end of the contract, government will inherit two
  state-of-the-art energy management systems, employees
  trained to operate and maintain them, and significantly
  reduced energy costs.
  Mr. O'Malley said this is an example of the government
  working closely with the private sector to deliver a service
  more efficiently and at a lower cost. "The government is
  committed to working with private industry in any case where
  it's possible," he said. "In these situations we all win.
  Government costs are reduced, while industry can grow and
  create jobs."
  Landis and Gyr Powers was chosen from three energy
  performance contractors that submitted proposals.
  While this is the first energy performance contract signed
  directly between the province and the private sector, others
  are in place with school boards, universities and hospitals.
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  trp                      Dec. 13, 1995