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  Police across Nova Scotia are joining forces once again to
  alert the motoring  public to the dangers of drinking and
  To discourage the public from drinking and driving, police
  will begin today setting up highly visible checkpoints to
  emphasize the need for public compliance during the festive
  Statistics indicate there has been a slight decline in
  drinking drivers apprehended and alcohol involvement in
  fatal accidents. The latest statistics released from the
  Registry of Motor Vehicles confirm that alcohol was involved
  in 33 per cent of fatal accidents in 1994, compared to 34
  the previous year. However, drinking drivers are still the
  single most contributable factor in highway fatalities.
  "I fully support the efforts of the police officers in this
  important initiative," said Justice Minister Bill Gillis.
  "It is our hope their high visibility checkpoints will
  remind the public how important it is to refrain from
  drinking and driving. We do not want this festive season, or
  any time of the year, to be marred by alcohol related
  driving incidents."
  Police will be setting up checkpoints along the South Shore,
  in Yarmouth, the Annapolis Valley, Metro, Truro and Cape
  Breton areas.
  Contact: South Shore--Chief Crowhurst
           Lunenburg Police Department
           Valley--D/Chief Mander
           Kentville Police Service
           Central/Northern Nova Scotia--Sgt. Tucker
           Bible Hill Hwy. Patrol
           Metro Area--Insp. Meisner
           Halifax Police Department
           Western Nova Scotia--Cpl. Coone
           Yarmouth Detachment
           Cape Breton--Sgt. Doyle
           Cape Breton Regional Police Service
  trp                        Dec. 14, 1995