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  The books of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation will be
  audited by Nova Scotia's Auditor General Roy Salmon, Finance
  Minister Bernie Boudreau announced today.
  The province's auditor general has expressed an interest in
  looking at the books of the Lottery Corporation, which is a
  partnership among the four Atlantic Provinces. Mr. Boudreau
  said the timing and scope of the audit are now up to Mr.
  "This action is not intended to raise any suspicions about
  the operation of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Rather,
  it is an expression of this government's commitment to the
  principle of accountability. Publicly-owned institutions
  must be accountable to the people for their actions and
  their operations," Mr. Boudreau said.
  "As an agency that operates games of chance, the Atlantic
  Lottery Corporation must not only be above reproach, it must
  constantly strive to gain and maintain public confidence in
  the integrity of all facets of its operation. This
  government has established high standards of open,
  accountable gaming operations in Nova Scotia. We want to
  confirm that those standards apply to all gaming activities
  in which Nova Scotia has an interest," the minister said in
  a statement to the legislature.
  The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, the business agent for
  all gaming activities in which the province participates,
  made the audit request of Mr. Salmon.
  Mr. Boudreau said the Gaming Corporation has a
  responsibility to protect Nova Scotia's interests as a
  shareholder in the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.
  "In exercising that responsibility the Gaming Corporation
  concluded, and I agreed, that an independent audit was
  required," he said.
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  trp                        Dec. 15, 1995