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  I welcome this opportunity to extend good wishes to all Nova
  Scotians for a happy Holiday Season.
  This is a special time of year for families and for
  communities. We enjoy the spirit of giving and sharing what
  we have. We take time to remember those who are alone or in
  need. We appreciate the everyday kindness that is a way of
  life in Nova Scotia. Helping at a local food bank or youth
  shelter, assisting a neighbour in need, visiting a lonely
  senior citizen - these are the things that make the holiday
  season meaningful and rewarding.
  Nova Scotians will remember 1995 as an exciting year for
  this province. It will be remembered as the year the world's
  most powerful leaders came to Halifax to participate in the
  G-7 Summit. This event has put us on the map in a way that
  will bear many positive results in years to come. Let us
  resolve to work together to build on our strengths and
  Margaret and I extend our best wishes to you and your family
  for the holiday season. May you enjoy health and happiness,
  and may our good fortune continue to grow throughout 1996.
  Warm Regards,
  John Savage
  trp                         Dec. 15, 1995