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  Fellow Nova Scotians:
  Compliments of the season. This is the second year that I
  have the opportunity of greeting you at the Christmas season
  as the Queen's representative in this Province, and what a
  year it has been!
  I believe all of you will recall how the year started so
  mildly and continued during one of the mildest winter
  seasons many people can recall. My wife Grace and I, like
  most Nova Scotians, spent the major part of the winter here
  in Nova Scotia. Winter can be a very pleasant time; we like
  the change of seasons, as I am sure many of you do. More and
  more Nova Scotians are taking part in winter sports, which
  have always been popular in our province. Although our
  winters are milder than in most parts of Canada, they can
  also be longer, so that we all welcome spring.
  Grace and I were fortunate to have one week in Bermuda where
  we attended the closing ceremonies of the Royal Naval Base,
  which had been operating there for 200 years. Many Nova
  Scotians, particularly naval and air force people, have
  memories of serving in Bermuda and many continue to carry
  out operations in the North Atlantic between Nova Scotia and
  Bermuda for training purposes, and at the same time
  participating with the Canadian Coast Guard in lifesaving
  Such operations were so successful in recent weeks when
  Canadian Armed Forces personnel operating from HMCS Calgary,
  and with the very skilful and professional use of
  helicopters, were successful, under very adverse weather
  conditions, in lifting the crew from a sinking ship.
  Our days in Bermuda brought many memories to me not only of
  that area but other parts of the western Atlantic well known
  to our Nova Scotian seamen and airmen in peace as well as
  The Canada Remembers program, which started as an annual
  event over two years ago, was extended because of the great
  response by so many people in so many communities throughout
  Canada who wanted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the
  winning of peace in Europe and the Far East.
  The very notable difference in this 50th anniversary of
  Canada Remembers was the emphasis on peace and looking
  ahead, while at the same time remembering the work and
  sacrifice of so many Canadians during the wartime years. The
  Canada Remembers activities were tied in with the worldwide
  activities of the United Nations which was also celebrating
  50 years of peace.
  At Government House we held a ceremony where Global
  Citizenship Awards were presented to people who had been
  recognized by the United Nations for their efforts for
  peace. The commemoration and dedication of a Peace Garden
  also took place at Government House, with the planting of
  several hundred tulip bulbs surrounding a Canadian maple
  tree, followed by a Spirit of Peace Run from Government
  House to the Veterans Memorial Building, Camp Hill Medical
  All during the year, as in the 50 years preceding, Canadians
  have been engaged in peacekeeping in different parts of the
  world. At times this can be dangerous, and some Canadians
  have given their lives in the pursuit of peace. However,
  when the fighting, particularly in the former Yugoslavia,
  appeared to be collapsing into a wartime situation, through
  a concerted effort the conflict appears to have been
  avoided, and hopes for peace in this troubled area have been
  gaining strength.
  The year 1995 was designated by the United Nations as the
  Year of Tolerance, as people across the world sought ways of
  working together for the betterment of one another in the
  maintaining of peace. While there continue to be trouble
  spots, nevertheless we are succeeding in achieving peace in
  more parts of the world, and for a longer time than ever
  before, and we are hoping and working to do even better in
  the new year and the years ahead.
  As the year draws to a close in our northern nation, with
  short days and long nights, it is always a time for drawing
  closer together with our friends, and particularly our
  families. The Christmas season and the season of Hannukah
  bring together families and bright lights which lighten our
  associations, even though they happen during the darkest
  part of the year. It is a season of happiness in which
  people of all faiths can share.
  As we approach the end of the year, we are looking forward
  to 1996. The United Nations has designated 1996 as the Year
  of the Eradication of Poverty, a truly laudable pursuit for
  all people and all nations. My wife, Grace, joins with me
  and our family in expressing to all of you and your families
  a joyous time in this Christmas season, and may we all
  dedicate ourselves to making 1996 a happier and more
  prosperous New Year for people everywhere.
  trp                   Dec. 15, 1995