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  The Nova Scotia Community College, College de l'Acadie and
  the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union have signed an
  agreement to preserve employee rights and to ensure
  collective agreements are respected with regard to bill 55
  (the Community Colleges Act). 
  The agreement is described as a positive beginning for labor
  relations for both colleges and is based on a mutual
  commitment of the NSGEU and the colleges after concerns had
  been expressed that employee rights would not be protected
  under bill 55. The legislation, which provides for
  self-governance for the two colleges, was introduced earlier
  this month.
  David Peters, president of NSGEU, and Jack Buckley, chief
  executive officer of Nova Scotia Community College, said:
  "Both the colleges and the union are extremely pleased that
  we have been able to fully assure employees of the
  preservation of their rights and benefits as a result of
  these agreements."
  They said the new community colleges will be better able to
  meet the province's training needs as a result of the
  positive labour relations climate reflected in the
  Real Samson, chief executive officer of College de l'Acadie,
  said "the agreements also reflect the commitment of the
  colleges to work with the union during the transition to
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           Jack Buckley  902-424-4166
  trp                        Dec. 15, 1995