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  The Department of Education and Culture and Heritage Canada
  will each contribute additional funding to complete the
  College de l'Acadie Learning Centre of the La Picasse
  project and to enhance educational services to the community
  of Petit de Grat, Richmond County. Departmental officials
  negotiated with Heritage Canada, on behalf of project
  organizers, to secure an additional $125,000 to match
  funding offered by the province, for a total of a quarter of
  a million dollars.
  Following the results of an audit, the department determined
  construction of La Picasse began without a firm commitment
  for the necessary funds to complete the entire project.
  Project organizers acknowledge they relied on revenues that
  were not realized.
  The government has requested the organizing committee take
  immediate steps to complete the heating system of the
  learning centre and prepare a comprehensive business plan to
  ensure the long-term viability of the project. In keeping
  with arrangements made with the other learning centres, the
  department also asked for clear title to the College de
  "After careful consideration of the audit, we are prepared
  to provide additional support to College de l'Acadie," said
  Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern. "However,
  our government requires responsible use of public money."
  The federal and provincial government have already met their
  original commitment to cost share 50-50 a $650,000
  contribution towards construction of the College de l'Acadie
  learning centre.
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  first E in College.
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  trp                      Dec. 18, 1995