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  The Nova Scotia government's site on the Internet has been
  improved, with a new home page, more information available
  and expanded links to related sites, Supply and Services
  Minister Gerald O'Malley announced today.
  "With the Internet doubling in size every six months, it is
  important to have a quality site, with good information,
  useful links, and an attractive home page," Mr. O'Malley
  said. "We set out this fall to improve our presence on the
  Internet. The new page went on-line in September, and web
  site developers in departments throughout government have
  been adding information since then."
  From the Nova Scotia site, web surfers around the world can
  obtain a wealth of information about the province. "You can
  visit Keltic Lodge and our other provincial resorts, learn
  about Nova Scotia weather, read government documents, or
  find out about doing business in Nova Scotia," the minister
  There are also links to related sites, such as Symphony Nova
  Scotia, the City of Halifax, and Nova Scotia-related federal
  government web sites, including national parks in Nova
  Many government departments are now represented on the site,
  and others are coming on as resources allow. "A good web
  site is never finished, it is always under construction,"
  the minister said. "Web site developers will be adding and
  updating information for as long as there is a government
  site. We will never reach the point where we will say it's
  The government web site was designed and is maintained by
  the Department of Supply and Services. Nova Scotia on the
  Internet can be found at:
  Contact: David MacNeil  902-424-2933
  trp                     Dec. 19, 1995