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  The director of the Public Prosecution Service, Jerry Pitzul
  has announced the composition of the prosecution team in the
  case of two former Westray mine managers charged with
  manslaughter and criminal negligence.
  Mr. Pitzul said the team will be comprised of Marc Chisholm,
  acting chief Crown attorney (Trials) and senior Crown
  attorneys Robert Hagell, Robert McCarroll, Robert Fetterly,
  Art Theuerkauf and Crown attorney Andrew MacDonald. Mr.
  Pitzul said senior Crown attorneys Herman Felderhof and
  Peter Rosinski will remain in consultative roles and that
  Mr. Felderhof will also remain as the service's liaison with
  the families of the victims of the tragedy.
  The team has set up offices in the Bank of Montreal building
  on George Street in Halifax.
  Mr. Pitzul said the composition of the Westray team and
  current issues such as family violence has necessitated
  changing assignments for other Crown attorneys.
  He said senior Crown attorney Susan Potts is assigned to
  provide the Public Prosecution Service's contribution to the
  government's framework for action on family violence. He
  said she will also continue to fulfill her province-wide
  responsibility of providing legal expertise in respect to
  sexual assault cases. Mr. Pitzul said she will share in the
  appeals workload normally handled by Mr. Hagell and she will
  conduct the sexual assault cases that were being prosecuted
  by Mr. McCarroll and Mr. Fetterly.
  He said these new duties requires that her role in the
  Crown's case in 17 charges against Gerald Regan be reduced.
  Mr. Pitzul said that case will now be handled by Adrian
  Reid, associate regional Crown attorney for Halifax, and
  Denise Smith. But, he said Ms. Potts will remain on the team
  in a consultative role.
  The director said in addition to the above assignments, a
  vacant position in the Halifax/Dartmouth area will be filled
  and a casual Crown attorney's position will be relocated
  from Truro to the Metro region.
  Mr. Pitzul said, "the assignments provide the appropriate
  balance of experience, knowledge and expertise to the cases
  and areas affected, and to ensure the best interests of the
  administration of justice are met."
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  trp                        Dec. 19, 1995