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  The best way to create new jobs is to create new
  entrepreneurs, and that is what the new Centre for
  Entrepreneurship Education and Development is planning to
  The centre be the first of its kind in Canada, modelled
  after successful initiatives developed in the United States
  and the United Kingdom. The centre will focus on four areas:
  entrepreneurship education programs, research and curriculum
  development, professional development and community
  A joint federal-provincial announcement of $1.63 million in
  core funding for the centre was made Tuesday by Economic
  Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison, Education and Culture
  Minister John MacEachern and Mary Clancy, MP, on behalf of
  the Minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada
  Opportunities Agency David Dingwall.
  Over the five years of the project, 49 per cent of the
  funding is being provided by the Atlantic Canada
  Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Nova Scotia Economic
  Renewal Agency, through the Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION
  Agreement on Economic Diversification ($800,000), and 51 per
  cent by the Department of Education and Culture ($830,000).
  Additional funding will also be obtained through corporate
  sponsorships and project revenue.
  Mr. Harrison said, "We expect this centre of excellence to
  further develop a climate supportive of entrepreneurship
  throughout Nova Scotia. If our rural economies are to grow
  and prosper, they'll need the energy and ideas of a new
  generation. The centre for entrepreneurship will support
  young Nova Scotians in their desire to live and work in
  their communities."
  Mr. MacEachern said that entrepreneurship is the new
  attitude marking the beginning of the 21st century.
  "The Department of Education and Culture is a proud partner
  in the entrepreneurship initiative which is leading the way
  and setting standards in the field of education and
  entrepreneurship. The establishment of the Centre for
  Entrepreneurship Education and Development is certainly a
  great foundation on which all Nova Scotians can build.
  To date, over 38,000 Nova Scotian students and 700 teachers
  have already been involved in entrepreneurship education in
  the classroom."
  Ms. Clancy said: "The federal government is happy to be a
  partner in the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and
  Development. This type of initiative will strengthen the
  alliance between entrepreneurship and education and will
  generate interest in entrepreneurship as a viable career
  option," said Mary Clancy.
  The centre will operate from Halifax and will serve as a
  resource for all areas of entrepreneurial activity in the
  province. The client base will include all segments of the
  educational system, as well as the business community and
  community economic groups.
  Ongoing work with the business community will support
  continued growth of the centre and position it to take
  advantage of opportunities as they arise. The centre is
  expected to grow to serve the entire Atlantic region and to
  become a national research and training centre in the field
  of entrepreneurship.
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