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  Justice Minister Bill Gillis today confirmed that Chief
  Judge Elmer MacDonald has referred the matter of Judge D.
  Lewis Matheson to the Judicial Council. On Dec. 12, 1995,
  Dr. Gillis asked the Chief Judge to look into the comments
  made by Judge Matheson in the sentencing of Colin Francis
  Today, the Governor in Council has appointed a Judicial
  Council composed of: Chief Justice Lorne Clarke, the Chief
  Justice of Nova Scotia; Chief Justice Constance Glube, Chief
  Justice, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; C. Richard
  Couglan, Q.C., president of the Barrister's Society of Nova
  Scotia; Associate Chief Justice Ian M. Palmeter, a Supreme
  Court judge designated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme
  Court; and Michael B. Sherar, a judge of the Provincial
  Court designated by the Chief Judge.
  In sentencing Colin Francis Boutilier, His Honour Judge
  Lewis Matheson said, "I don't know, even having heard
  everything that was said, ah whether it's your own fault, or
  you happen to have a very sensitive mate who is easily
  rattled. I really don't know..." These comments raised the
  concerns of the Justice Minister and many members of the
  "The Chief Judge has acted in the manner he felt is
  appropriate," said Dr. Gillis. "I am sure the Judicial
  Council will convene as quickly as possible, and deal with
  the matter expeditiously."
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  trp                      Dec. 20, 1995