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  The Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) is studying
  various options for transferring responsibility for the
  Sydney Airport, as well as exploring the potential for
  involving the private sector in the operation of the
  The $80,000 study is being funded partly under the
  Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement to Promote Private
  Sector Participation in Municipal Infrastructure.
  The announcement was made today by the Honourable David C.
  Dingwall, Minister of Public Works and Government Services
  Canada, Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Minister Robbie
  Harrison, Federal Minister of Public Works and Government
  Services Canada and Minister responsible for ACOA, David
  Dingwall, and Mayor John Coady of the Cape Breton Regional
  Municipality. The federal, provincial and municipal
  governments will each contribute $26,667 to the project.
  A consortium comprised of Coopers & Lybrand Consultants, in
  association with Boyne Clarke Barristers and CBCL Ltd.
  Engineering Consultants, was selected to conduct the study
  which will examine the transfer of responsibility for the
  airport to the CBRM or another as-yet-unformed,
  locally-based airport authority. The successful consortium
  was chosen from 11 bidders who responded to a call for
  proposals issued by the regional municipality.
  "The continued operation of the Sydney Airport is a critical
  component of the transportation strategy and economic
  development of the area," said Mr. Harrison. "The study's
  results will allow the municipality to determine the best
  approach to transferring responsibility for the airport, and
  indicate the feasibility of including the private sector
  resources and expertise in the ongoing operation of the
  Mr. Dingwall said "With the federal government mandate of
  commercializing regional airports, municipalities will be
  faced with many challenges". "This study is a critical first
  step in the process of commercializing the Sydney Airport,
  and ensuring that it is done in a way to maximize the
  benefits to the region."
  "In order to maximize its benefits, the study's results will
  be made available to other municipalities in Atlantic Canada
  affected by the National Airports Policy," said Mayor Coady.
  "CBRM could be a model for future commercialization ventures
  across the region."
  Today's announcement is another step in the process that
  began on July 14, when Mr. Dingwall, on behalf of Transport
  Minister Douglas Young, and Mayor Coady signed a letter of
  intent to enter into negotiations with local officials to
  transfer ownership of the Sydney Airport to the regional
  The Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement to Promote
  Private Sector Participation in Municipal Infrastructure is
  a three-year, $4-million cost-shared agreement (50 per cent
  federal, 50 per cent provincial), managed by the Atlantic
  Canada Opportunities Agency on behalf of the Government of
  Canada and by the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency on
  behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia. The agreement
  provides assistance to Nova Scotia municipalities to
  investigate public/private partnerships to develop
  infrastructure or deliver municipal services.
  Contact: Grant Brennan     902-424-6211
           Mayor John Coady  902-563-5000
  trp                        Dec. 21, 1995