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  Dr. Leonard Williams, former deputy minister for the
  Department of Education and Training in Newfoundland and
  Labrador, has been appointed to co-ordinate the amalgamation
  of the province's remaining regional school board, Metro.
  Dr. Williams will direct the amalgamation of the Halifax
  County-Bedford, Dartmouth and Halifax district school
  As the chair of the 1990 Williams Royal Commission on
  Education, Dr. Williams recommended comprehensive reforms to
  primary and secondary education in Newfoundland and
  Labrador. Many of these recommendations have been adopted
  and the report has been recognized by other provinces as a
  blueprint for education reform.
  Dr. Williams began his career as a teacher in 1959. He
  served as president of the Newfoundland Teachers Association
  from 1972-1974 and was president of the Canadian Teachers
  Federation in 1977. Dr. Williams was also a professor and
  administrator of the Faculty of Education at Memorial
  University for 15 years.
  Appointed deputy minister in 1993, Dr. Williams has served
  on numerous provincial education advisory committees as well
  as a commission reviewing municipal amalgamation in the
  Northeastern Avalon region.
  "As an educator and author of a Royal Commission report, Dr.
  Williams combines solid experience with a deep commitment to
  education," said Education and Culture Minister John
  MacEachern. "Dr. Williams has played a major role in
  education reform in Newfoundland and Labrador and will draw
  on his skills and experience in his new position."
  Like other competitions, candidates were interviewed by a
  departmental committee, based on established criteria
  including leadership and communication skills, knowledge of
  educational issues (such as school board and school council
  roles and responsibilities), and management, finance and
  consensus-building skills. Of the qualified candidates, Dr.
  Williams' proposal ranked the highest against these criteria
  and was the lowest bid.
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  trp                    Dec. 22, 1995