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  The Nova Scotia government is working with the Canadian
  Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and other business
  groups to cut the red tape in which businesses sometimes
  find themselves wrapped-up.
  The government plans to improve the business approval
  process by simplifying and consolidating permits, licenses
  and approvals. The CFIB is surveying its members this week
  to see how the process can best be streamlined and report
  their findings back to government. A central business
  registry is part of the overall initiative, which will make
  dealing with the government faster and easier.
  CFIB's executive director for Atlantic Canada, Peter
  O'Brien, said "CFIB supports reducing the red tape and
  bureaucracy imposed on business because people will spend
  less time filling out forms and devote more time to the
  business of making money."
  The central business registry will provide simpler, more
  accessible and client focused service to business through a
  single service delivery window. This service will promote
  greater use of technology and will eliminate, over time, the
  need for business to interact with numerous departments and
  agencies of government to obtain licenses and permits to do
  The Nova Scotia government alone currently administers over
  300 permits, licenses and approvals, some of which include
  environmental permits, tax permits, qualification
  certificates and business registrations. Federal and
  municipal requirements add another 350 such permits to this
  Mr. O'Brien said the CFIB will do its part by surveying its
  4,000 members in Nova Scotia to determine which permits,
  licenses or approvals business consider unnecessary. CFIB
  will also be asking for suggestions on simplifying the
  business approvals process and determining where service
  levels need improvement.
  At the same time, government has asked each department to
  critically evaluate each license, permit, registration and
  business approval with a view of identifying areas where
  streamlining can be achieved, where service delivery and
  response times need improvement or where the cost of
  delivery outweighs the benefits.
  "The business approvals process will reduce the required
  number of necessary permits, converting significant time,
  cost and frustration into efficiency, savings and a
  satisfied customer", said Economic Renewal Minister, Robbie
  Harrison. "We're taking an aggressive approach by asking
  departments to either justify or eliminate their existing
  Finance Minister Bernie Boudreau said that, "the licensing
  and registration process is a critical interaction with
  business. First impressions are lasting ones and we feel
  that by providing high quality and simple processes for
  business to get started and operate in Nova Scotia, other
  relationships like tax administration and collection will
  benefit as well".
  The Economic Renewal Agency and the Department of Finance
  are leading this government-wide initiative.
  Contact: Linda Laffin, ERA    902-424-6810
           Peter O'Brien, CFIB  902-420-1997
  trp                      Jan. 03, 1996