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  Forty-one Nova Scotians who lost jobs in six major layoffs
  could qualify for monthly income support from the Program
  for Older Worker Adjustment (POWA).
  The announcement was made by Labour Minister Guy Brown and
  federal Minister of Human Resources Development Lloyd
  POWA provides income to workers between the ages of 55 and
  64 who were part of a major, permanent layoff and are
  unlikely to find new jobs. Since it began in 1988, POWA has
  assisted over 11,000 Canadians, including approximately 300
  in Nova Scotia, at a cost of $427 million.
  "POWA is an important support to Nova Scotians who are laid
  off just as they approach retirement," said Mr. Brown. "The
  program helps people plan and manage during an uncertain
  time by relieving some of the financial pressure that
  layoffs bring."
  Mr. Axworthy said, "We are pleased to work with the
  provincial government to help these workers. They
  contributed to Canada's economy for many years. Income
  support under POWA will help them adjust to a new situation
  with dignity."
  Eligible workers will receive up to $1,000 a month until age
  65. The eligibility of each worker for POWA benefits will be
  assessed by a Canada-Nova Scotia committee.
  The value of benefits announced today could reach almost
  $1.6 million. The federal government and the provincial
  government will assume respectively 70 per cent and 30 per
  cent of these costs.
  The federal government's portion of funding for these
  benefits falls within the framework of the February 1995
  EDITORS NOTE: Here is a list of POWA designated layoffs in
  Nova Scotia.
  Company                        Location            Employees
  Adams and Knickle Ltd.         Lunenburg                2
  Barrington and Vokey Ltd.      Sydney                   3
  F.W. Woolworth Ltd. (Woolco)   Halifax                 10
  Halifax Hilton                 Halifax                 12
  Pronova Bioplymer Canada Ltd.  Woods Harbour           10
  Sears Canada Inc.              Stellarton               4
  For a backgrounder on POWA please call 902-424-4492.
  Contact: Jennifer MacIsaac, N.S. Department of Labour
           Alec Jasen, Human Resources Development Canada 
           Evelyne Germain, Human Resources Development Canada
  trp                        Jan. 03, 1996