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  Premier John Savage met with federal Transport Minister Doug
  Young in Ottawa this morning to outline a plan which, if
  acceptable to the federal government, could lead to a
  resumption of year-round ferry service between Yarmouth and
  Bar Harbour, Maine. It's the third time the premier has met
  with Mr. Young to discuss the ferry issue.
  The premier said the plan was worked out between a proposed
  private operator and the South West Shore Development
  Authority, with the assistance of the Nova Scotia
  The premier said the proposal includes both a short and
  long-term solution to the problem of maintaining year-round
  ferry service between Nova Scotia and the US.
  "Mr. Young said he is prepared to examine closely anything
  that would provide a long-term solution to the
  transportation problem. Mr. Young said he will examine the
  plan presented to him this morning and reply as soon as
  Premier Savage said he is not able to release details of the
  plan at this time.
  "I am hopeful the federal government will give the proposal
  serious consideration. Finding a long-term solution is in
  the economic interest of all levels of government."
  Premier Savage first met with Mr. Young last fall when
  Marine Atlantic, a federal crown corporation, announced it
  was discontinuing winter ferry service out of Yarmouth. At
  that time the premier was able to convince Mr. Young to keep
  the ferry service operating an additional three months while
  an impact study was prepared.
  Last month the premier met with Mr. Young at the Halifax
  International Airport to convince Ottawa that there needs to
  be a long-term solution to the ferry problem.
  Following his meeting with Mr. Young this morning, Premier
  Savage left on the Team Canada trade mission to India,
  Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. He returns to Nova Scotia
  Jan. 20.
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  trp                        Jan. 08, 1996