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  The ministers of education of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
  Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island are
  pleased to announce the introduction of an elementary
  science curriculum and the curriculum resource,
  Innovations-Sciences in French language schools of the
  Atlantic provinces. Immersion programs in the four Atlantic
  provinces will also implement the curriculum and the
  The education ministers are very satisfied with his
  curriculum and the work accomplished by their departments.
  John MacEachern of Nova Scotia stressed that, "the new
  elementary science program represents a tremendous amount of
  work and a solid effort by the Foundation's science working
  group, composed of science consultants and teachers from the
  four provinces. We would like to congratulate them on this
  New Brunswick Education Minister James Lockyer said, "this
  curriculum will provide teachers with the tools they need to
  teach elementary science, and will enable students to
  acquire skills and knowledge in science which they will need
  throughout their life. Students will better understand and
  appreciate the role of science in their everyday life."
  P.E.I. Education Minister Gordon MacInnis said, "the
  elementary science curriculum will play a fundamental role
  in achieving the essential graduation learnings for students
  in Atlantic Canada, as adopted by our education departments
  this year."
  Newfoundland and Labrador Minister of Education and Training
  Chris Decker, is very pleased with this project. "The
  introduction of this elementary science curriculum confirms
  our commitment to work towards the adoption of common core
  curriculum on a regional level and reveals the spirit of
  cooperation that exists among the four departments of
  The curriculum will be supported by the Innovations-Sciences
  collection, adapted by Les Editions de la Cheneliere. The
  collection emphasizes learning focused on a global,
  interdisciplinary approach that still maintains its
  scientific orientation.
  The adaptation of the educational material was jointly
  funded by the Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation
  (APEF), the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, and
  the Saskatchewan Department of Education, Training and
  APEF is composed of the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
  Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island
  education ministers. The APEF is funded by the Council of
  Maritime Premiers and the four education departments of the
  Atlantic provinces. The purpose of the foundation is to
  promote regional cooperation in education.
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