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  Housing and Consumer Affairs Minister Eleanor Norrie
  announced today the province will continue to share the cost
  of the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP).
  Mrs. Norrie said, "We are very pleased that David Dingwall,
  Minister Responsible for the Canada Mortgage and Housing
  Corporation has announced that federal funding for RRAP will
  be extended to March 31, 1997." She said, "We will continue
  the federal-provincial partnership to make RRAP available to
  Nova Scotians. In addition to sharing the costs of RRAP, we
  will remain responsible for its delivery in the province."
  The Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program provides
  loans and grants for home repairs for low income households.
  The program also provides assistance to people with
  disabilities to make their homes accessible; provides
  emergency repair assistance; and provides assistance to
  landlords serving low income households.
  "This program has done a great deal to improve the condition
  of housing across the province," said Mrs. Norrie. "It's
  important for low income homeowners, and it also provides a
  vital economic boost to the construction industry in
  communities across Nova Scotia."
  Mrs. Norrie said more than 775 households were assisted
  through this program in the past year. The department will
  also continue its successful partnership with the Native
  Council of Nova Scotia which delivers RRAP to aboriginal
  households off reserves.
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