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  A pilot project to develop an  integrated resource
  management' strategy for Crown lands in Cumberland and
  Colchester counties has been announced by Natural Resources
  Minister Don Downe.
  "This new approach attempts to balance the wide range of
  uses of provincial Crown land and take into account various
  interests and values such as energy and mineral resources,
  forestry, recreation, and wildlife," said Mr. Downe.
  A team of Department of Natural Resources professionals
  representing the forestry, energy, minerals, parks and
  recreation, wildlife, and land administration sectors has
  been assigned to develop the Integrated Resource Management
  (IRM) Strategy for the pilot project area.
  Mr. Downe said a key element in this project will be public
  consultation. Input will be received through written
  submissions, questionnaires, interviews, and open houses.
  Anyone who wishes to participate should contact the project
  team at the Department's Bible Hill office.
  "An integrated approach to resource management will
  contribute greatly to our objective of sustainability," said
  Mr. Downe. "We want to ensure that Crown lands are managed
  in such a way that they will continue to provide social,
  economic and ecological benefits for current and future
  The IRM pilot team is being chaired by Gary Westoll,
  Department of Natural Resources in Bible Hill.
  Contacts: Blain Henshaw  902-424-5252 (Media Enquiries)
            Gary Westoll   902-893-5620 (Project team Chair)
  trp                       Jan. 12, 1996