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  Tourism marketers are calling the new Nova Scotia travel
  guide the most comprehensive ever.
  One half million copies of the 1996 Doer's and Dreamer's
  Complete Guide to Nova Scotia came off the presses in late
  December and are ready for distribution in the earliest and
  largest print run to date, Economic Renewal Minister Robbie
  Harrison announced today.
  "By making the 1996 guide available in January, we have
  carved our position in a highly competitive marketplace,"
  said Mr. Harrison. "Nova Scotia is a leader in tourism
  marketing, and this year, with the early release of the
  travel guide, potential travellers to the province will have
  the best resource available at their fingertips ahead of the
  A 1995 marketing conversion study by Corporate Research
  Associates found between 87 and 91 per cent of travellers
  from Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, mid-Atlantic United
  States and New England ranked the Nova Scotia Travel Guide
  the most useful source of information for planning their
  The study also indicated 53 per cent of callers to the
  province's toll-free information and reservation number from
  Atlantic Canada and 42 per cent from Ontario, vacationed in
  Nova Scotia. In another 1995 study by the Centre for Tourism
  Research, the Nova Scotia Travel Guide was rated as one of
  the best of its kind in North America.
  "The Doer's and Dreamer's Guide is Nova Scotia's signature
  tourism publication and is proven to be instrumental in
  influencing the decision to travel to the province and
  planning vacation itineraries," said Mr. Harrison.
  "The high quality and comprehensive design of this year's
  guide speaks to Nova Scotia's international standing as one
  of the most attractive places in the world for leisure
  travel. The Nova Scotia Travel Guide is an international
  benchmark for travel guide publications and getting it into
  the hands of potential customers is the single strongest
  marketing activity Nova Scotia has."
  Sixteen pages have been added to the 1996 travel guide to
  include close to 300 new listings in attractions,
  accommodations and outdoor operators, bringing the total
  number of listings in excess of 2,000.
  The 1996 guide features vibrant colour, improved design and
  for the first time, an index of advertisers in a
  specially-designed advertising "Shopping Centre" for each
  scenic travelway. As an example, members of the Nova Scotia
  Restaurant Association are now strategically and prominently
  listed by travelway under a distinct restaurant banner,
  giving more than 70 restauranteurs significantly higher
  The 1996 cover highlights the original Bluenose as it races
  to retain the title as the world's champion racing schooner.
  Multiple images, on the cover, highlight the 1996 regional
  tourism theme, Year of the Wooden Boat. Feature stories
  throughout the guide offer a glimpse into Nova Scotia's
  centuries-old romance with the sea and present-day
  The Doer's and Dreamer's Complete Guide to Nova Scotia has
  worldwide distribution. In North America, it is available by
  calling the Nova Scotia information and reservation service
  at 1-800-565-0000, through the Internet and World Wide Web
  at or by writing to the
  Nova Scotia Marketing Agency, PO Box 519, Halifax, Nova
  Scotia, B3J 2R7.
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