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  A new Tourist Accommodations Act, which comes into effect
  today, will assure visitors to Nova Scotia of a high quality
  of accommodations. The act will also enable small operators,
  such as one and two-bedroom bed and breakfast
  accommodations, to access available marketing such as the
  Doers and Dreamers Guide and the Check-In reservation
  Additionally, it will simplify and update regulations by
  combining three separate pieces of legislation under one
  The new act replaces the old Hotel Regulations Act, the
  Innkeepers Act and the Camping Establishments Act. It
  requires all roofed accommodations, regardless of size, to
  be inspected and licensed by Tourism Nova Scotia. This is in
  response to accommodation industry requests, over the past
  few years, for stricter quality control.
  The act also proposes definitions for all categories of
  roofed accommodations, such as hotel, motel, country inn,
  bed and breakfast, cottages and resorts.
  "The new act is a long overdue update and simplification
  that meets the needs of the present day tourism industry in
  Nova Scotia," said Economic Renewal Minister Robbie
  Harrison. "It ensures quality control from campsites and one
  or two-bed room accommodation, through to 300-room-plus
  The flat rate licence fee of $5 per property will be updated
  for the first time in more than 30 years to help recoup
  service costs.
  A graduated scale will see licence fees range from $75 for a
  one-bedroom property to $800 for a property with more than
  300 rooms. This makes the Nova Scotia licence fees similar
  to those in P.E.I. and lower, in some cases, than those in
  New Brunswick and Newfoundland.
  "The licence benefits the operators by entitling them to a
  paragraph listing in the Tourism Guide (500,000
  circulation), to distribution of property literature to more
  than 80 visitor information centres throughout the province
  and to the use of the Check-In reservation system," said Mr.
  Harrison. "The changes brought about by this act ensure a
  higher quality product, will eventually attract more
  tourists, therefore providing more jobs and benefiting
  operators, the province and employees."
  Contact: Michelle McKenzie  902-424-2989
  trp                      Jan. 16, 1996