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  Environment Minister Wayne Adams will refer any plans for
  containment of the Sydney Tar Ponds to the Environmental
  Assessment Board for a through assessment including public
  hearings in Sydney.
  "I believe that it is in the best interests of the
  environment and people of Cape Breton that any assessment of
  this project be  complete and open. Only if the people feel
  they are part of the process will they ever be completely
  sure of the soundness of the solution," the minister said.
  A class 11 assessment process includes multiple
  opportunities for direct public consultation and input. 
  Besides the required public hearings, the public will be
  asked for their contributions on the terms of reference and
  scope of the assessment.
  Copies of the environmental assessment report will also be
  made available to the public prior to the hearings for their
  review and comment. The Environmental Assessment Board's
  final recommendations to the minister will also be made
  The timing of the environmental assessment process begins
  with registration of the project. A project description and
  all preliminary environmental information will be made
  available to the public and all relevant government
  agencies. Notices will be published advising the public of
  where to obtain the information. The public will have 40
  days to comment on the terms of reference for the assessment
  Once the final terms of reference have been formulated, the
  proponent must prepare its environmental assessment report
  for the hearing panel. That document will be made public
  prior to the start of full hearings.
  The recommendations of the board to the minister will also
  be made public once the minister has made a decision on the
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  trp                 Jan. 16, 1996 - 4:15 p.m.