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  In order to assist you in the Environmental Assessment of
  the Sydney Tar Ponds Proposal, we are providing this
  simplified explanation of the process.
  Class II Environmental Assessment Process:
  Sydney Tar Ponds Clean-Up Project
  The Minister has declared the proposed project to be a Class
  II undertaking.
  This environmental assessment process involves:
  1.  Project Registration and Public Notification
  Project description and preliminary environmental
  information is made available to the public and to other
  government agencies.
  Newspaper notice placed in papers (within 7 days of
  registration) advising that registration information is
  2.  Public Comment for Terms of Reference
  Notice published in newspapers within 12 days of
  registration, inviting the public to submit written comments
  for consideration in preparation of Terms of Reference for
  the Environmental Assessment Report.
  Public have 40 days in which to submit comments.
  Final Terms of Reference are produced in consideration of
  public comments and provided to proponent.
  3.  Proponent prepares Environmental Assessment Report (time
  limit of 2 years)
  4.  Public Review or Hearings and Review of Report
  Upon submission, the Report is referred to the Environmental
  Assessment Board, who will hold a public review or hold
  public hearings within a 110 day period.
  In addition, copies of the Environmental Assessment Report
  will be made available for public review and comment.
  At the conclusion of this time period, the Board will make a
  Report and Recommendation to the Minister of the
  5.  Minister's Decision
  21 days following receipt of the Board's report and
  recommendation, the Minister must decide
     1. that the project is approved subject to conditions or
     2. that the project is not approved, and may not proceed.
  Contact: Paul McEachern  902-424-2575
  trp                       Jan. 18, 1996 - 1:20 p.m.