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  The Nova Scotia Government's Internet home page was
  officially launched today by Economic Renewal Minister
  Robbie Harrison at the Atlantic Internet Show.
  Thousands of visitors are expected at the Internet Show
  today and Saturday, where they'll see how the government is
  doing business on the World Wide Web.
  Mr. Harrison said, "The number of government sites is
  growing every day, as is the amount of information being
  supplied. Speedy access to information is crucial in today's
  fast-paced world and now you can do business with the
  government at your convenience."
  The Economic Renewal Agency is one of those departments now
  providing a new kind of service to Nova Scotians via the
  Internet. "By visiting ERA's home page, you can discover how
  to start a business, fill out an application form for
  assistance, or plan your next vacation," Mr. Harrison said.
  There are also links to related sites, such as public
  libraries, communities or federal government sites. "Nova
  Scotians are reported to be the highest per capita users of
  the Internet in North America," said the minister. "That
  interest is rapidly turning into expertise, as local
  companies are developing highly competitive products for use
  on the Internet. That means jobs for Nova Scotians in the
  information technology sector, and exports for Nova Scotian
  Legislation can now be found on the government web site, as
  well as policy documents, information on public tenders,
  tourist attractions, and other information.
  The Nova Scotia government is on the Internet at:
  Contact: Linda Laffin  902-424-6810
  on the web: 
  trp                      Jan. 19, 1996 - 12:01 p.m.