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  An Acadian educator and senior administrator, Rejean Sirois
  will be the superintendent of Nova Scotia's first Conseil
  Scolaire Acadien Provincial. Mr. Sirois, who was the
  unanimous choice of the six-member selection committee,
  begins work the first week in March.
  Now working as assistant superintendent of the Apalachia
  school board in Stephenville, Nfld., Mr. Sirois helped
  establish the first Francophone school-community centre, and
  now manages the French schools and the Sainte-Anne Community
  Centre. He has collaborated with the Atlantic Provinces
  Education Foundation in developing a French first-language
  program for Newfoundland, along with supervisory, budgeting,
  communication and management experience expected in a senior
  administrative position. He has taught in New Brunswick and
  Ontario, served as a municipal manager, managed and taught
  his own hockey school, and played professional hockey in
  Leon Richard, who chaired the selection committee and heads
  the implementation team for the new school board, said Mr.
  Sirois comes highly recommended. "Mr. Sirois is recognized
  as a tremendously hard worker, a team player and a leader,"
  said Mr. Richard. "Combined with his energy and vision,
  these assets make Mr. Sirois ideal to lead Le Conseil."
  Mr. Richard also noted that Mr. Sirois implemented the
  computer network for the school board and is involved with
  distance education. "This knowledge and experience with
  technology will be essential in the operation of a
  provincial school board."
  Mr. Sirois holds a Bachelor of Education, Master of Public
  Administration and is completing his Master of Education at
  Universite de Moncton. He was also honoured as Volunteer of
  the Year in 1993 by the Rogersville Sports Association and
  has received a Universite de Moncton award for academic
  Mr. Richard's implementation team, which has been working on
  the structure and other issues related to the new board,
  will submit its report to the Minister of Education and
  Culture in the coming weeks. Once the plan is approved, Mr.
  Sirois will be responsible for implementation, leadership
  and operation of the new school board.
  Mr. Sirois was selected following a rigorous screening
  process, being used to hire all superintendents.
  Advertisements were placed nationally, applicants were
  short-listed and candidates were interviewed by a committee
  with representatives from Mr. Richard's implementation team
  and the Department of Education and Culture. Interview
  questions focused on leadership and management, operational
  management, communications and interpersonal skills,
  knowledge and background in educational and Acadian and
  Francophone issues, and personal and professional
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