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  The Team Canada trade mission to southeast Asia has opened
  the door to future trade and investment possibilities in
  Nova Scotia, Premier John Savage said today.
  The premier has just returned to the province from a trade
  mission sponsored by Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Premier
  Savage and six other premiers, along with a large delegation
  of business representatives, promoted trade opportunities
  during stops in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
  "For a small province like Nova Scotia, this was really an
  eye-opening experience. Up until now we have done very
  little to promote trade with southeast Asia. This trade
  mission has established many, many contacts that can be
  followed up by the private sector."
  Premier Savage said it is too soon to measure exactly what
  the mission means to Nova Scotia in dollars and cents.
  "It may take years before the full impact of the trade
  mission can be fully realized. However, there is little
  doubt that trade and investment possibilities have been
  greatly accelerated as a result of the trip."
  Premier Savage noted that a number of contracts or
  agreements involving Nova Scotia companies were signed
  during the trade mission. Other signings are in the works.
  A Nova Scotia company, Melville Holdings, signed a $6
  million deal to build a dairy in India. Survival Systems, of
  Dartmouth, signed contracts or memorandums of understanding
  in Indonesia and Malaysia. Sydney Steel has an agreement to
  sell rails to Indonesia, and is working on a tender for even
  a larger order.
  Three universities, Saint Mary's, Technical University of
  Nova Scotia, and Dalhousie, took part in the trade mission
  in a bid to attract international students to Nova Scotia.
  Premier Savage said future economic growth in Nova Scotia
  will depend on the province's ability to attract investment
  and open up trade links with the rest of the world.
  "We cannot wait for the world to come knocking on our door.
  In order to be successful we must aggressively pursue new
  The responsibility of government is to make the initial
  contacts and open the door for follow-up by the private
  The premier said he intends to actively pursue additional
  trading possibilities for Nova Scotians at every
  "The bottom line is jobs for Nova Scotians. By tapping into
  global markets we will be able to create new job
  opportunities in every sector of our economy, from our
  traditional resource industries to manufacturing."
  Premier Savage said in terms of the possible long-term
  benefits of the Southeast Asia mission, the trip was "an
  unqualified success." Time will tell what all that means in
  terms of dollars and cents, the premier said.
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