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  The Department of Health is committed to monitoring the
  progress of a community health study in the Sydney area.
  "Community participation is the cornerstone of the project,"
  said Health Minister Dr. Ron Stewart. "The project's outcome
  will help to guide good health care planning in the Sydney
  The Department of Health and Dalhousie University entered
  into an agreement in 1994 to carry out the study in Sydney.
  The study, to last until 1998, is a broad-based project for
  industrial Cape Breton. 
  Under the agreement, the department receives updates on the
  progress of the study. Part of the study involves tracking
  the health outcomes from environmental and occupational
  "The focus of the project must be on how best to involve the
  community," said Dr. Stewart.
  Contact: Lori MacLean 902-424-5025
  jlw                          Jan. 22, 1996 - 5:20 p.m.