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  Eight Nova Scotia young people will have the opportunity of
  experiencing summer a little earlier this year as the Nova
  Scotia Youth Conservation Corps announces the 1996
  Environmental Leadership Program.
  In its fourth year, the Environmental Leadership Program
  (ELP) allows young Atlantic Canadians to learn first hand
  the concepts of  sustainable development, environmental
  management, and economic issues from the perspective of a
  developing nation.
  The program is implemented in three phases all of which
  combine focus on both practical and theoretical components
  and aim to foster the understanding that environmental
  problems hold no boundaries.
  On May 1, 14 participants from Nova Scotia and
  Newfoundland/Labrador will enter the first phase of the
  program. They will be briefed on environmental issues,
  cultural adaptation and group dynamics.
  The next phase occurs in Costa Rica where, with supervision
  from Canada World Youth, emphasis is placed on developing
  leadership while engaging in environmental activities. In
  addition, the participants will reside with host families
  exposing them to daily Costa Rican lifestyle.
  The third phase of the program takes place in the
  participant's home community. In 1995, crews were located in
  Antigonish, Sydney, Kentville, Sackville, and Halifax
  working with community groups and associations promoting
  environmental awareness using skills acquired in Costa Rica.
  One criteria for the third phase is that crews are required
  to facilitate at least 10 environmental workshops within
  their community. Last year, over 3,500 Nova Scotians
  attended workshops held at local daycamps, schools,
  community centres and parks.
  Past participant Jason Jolley said the program has benefited
  him in many ways. "We learned diverse new ways to deal with
  these problems. This helped us gain a more global
  perspective on not only the environment, but on life in
  general," he said.
  Applications for the ELP will be accepted until 4 p.m.,
  Feb. 6, 1996, contacting the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation
  Corps at P.O. Box 2107, Halifax B3J 3B7.
  The Environmental Leadership Program is a unique program
  developed in by the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps,
  Canada World Youth and the Conservation Corps Newfoundland
  and Labrador.
  Contact: William Smith     902-424-5071
           Firdaus Bhathena  902-424-4924
  trp                    Jan. 24, 1996 - 9:35 a.m.