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  Status of Women Minister Eleanor Norrie has announced the
  release of a completely revised edition of Women in Nova
  Scotia: A statistical Handbook, compiled by the directorate.
  The new handbook brings together statistics on Nova Scotia
  women from a variety of sources, and is designed to be
  useful to wide audience.
  "Women and men in many fields are going to find a lot of
  really useful facts in this publication," said Mrs. Norrie.
  "It's particularly important that all the figures here are
  about Nova Scotian women. This book is a one-stop source of
  invaluable information that until now has been scattered and
  not easily accessible. This kind of information is very
  useful in helping government and community groups work
  together on issues that are important to all Nova Scotians."
  Women in Nova Scotia: A Statistical Handbook includes a
  wealth of information about Nova Scotia women, from
  employment to family life to their financial situation. For
  example the handbook reveals:
  --- Girls are half as likely as boys to drop out of school.
  --- The male-female wage gap has not really changed since
      1971. Women still earn less than men, regardless of
      their level of education.
  --- Without the wife's income, twice as many families in
      Nova Scotia would fall below the poverty line.
  --- One in four Nova Scotia babies start their lives with
      mothers who are not married, and most unmarried mothers
      are not teenagers.
  Women in Nova Scotia: A Statistical Handbook is now
  available from the Nova Scotia Government Bookstore in
  Halifax, $15 per copy. (424-7580. Toll-free in Nova Scotia:
  Contact: Brigitte Neumann  902-424-5820
           Margaret Dechman  902-424-5820
  trp                  Jan. 24, 1996 - 11:55 a.m.