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  Premier John Savage won't be attending next week's World
  Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The premier has asked
  Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison to take his place.
  Premier Savage said he decided to cancel the trip in order
  to remain in Nova Scotia and attend to several "pressing
  public issues."
  The premier cited ongoing employment problems in Cape Breton
  and the need to continue working with the federal government
  on a solution to the problem of ferry service in
  southwestern Nova Scotia as reasons for cancelling the Davos
  Premier Savage said there is no guarantee of finding an
  immediate solution to either the Cape Breton employment or
  Yarmouth ferry problems. However, the government considers
  both issues to be major priorities.
  The premier said despite a steady increase in the number of
  people employed in the Cape Breton since 1993, there are
  "still too many people without jobs. We want to do something
  about that."
  Premier Savage said it is unfortunate that he will not
  personally be able to follow up on contacts made at last
  year's World Economic Forum.
  "In light of the international exposure Nova Scotia received
  as a result of hosting the Halifax Summit, the government
  considers it important to attend the World Economic Forum.
  "More than 300 chief executive officers from the world's
  largest corporations attend the Davos forum. It is a good
  chance to push trade and investment opportunities here in
  Nova Scotia."
  The premier said more trade and investment should ultimately
  result in additional jobs for Nova Scotians.
  "Pursuing jobs abroad is important. That's why our Economic
  Renewal minister will be going to Davos on my behalf. My job
  right now is to remain here and address several immediate
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  trp                    Jan. 24, 1996 - 3:38 p.m.