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  The Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History wants to know if
  anyone in the province heard Spring Peeper frogs calling
  during the January thaw.
  These tiny treefrogs wake up from hibernation in response to
  a rise in temperature. This normally happens in the spring,
  but with recent mild weather the peeping may have started
  What museum officials are seeking may sound like a strange
  request, but it's all part of a bigger undertaking, called
  Frogwatch 96.
  Frogwatch 96 is a two-part program for students, youth
  groups, families and individuals. Between Mid-March and
  mid-June frogwatchers listen for, record and report calls of
  the Spring Peeper. By spying on  the peepers, frogwatchers
  locate wet places where amphibians live. The second part of
  the program invites a close look at these froglands.
  Information recorded by frogwatchers can help scientists to
  understand the status of Nova Scotia's amphibians.
  Each registered Frogwatch group receives a kit before the
  March school break in order to allow time for review before
  the normal peeping time starts.  The kit includes workbooks,
  instructions, as well as other materials, such as pH paper
  and a thermometer.
  The workbooks are filled with information on the life cycle
  of frogs and other amphibians and the natural history of
  freshwater habitats in Nova Scotia. Sprinkled throughout are
  thought provoking questions, activities, frog trivia and
  facts. There is also information on local and global
  environmental issues, and a glossary of useful ecological
  Last spring thousands of Nova Scotians opened their eyes,
  ears and hearts to frogs as part of this popular
  environmental education program. The second province-wide
  Frogwatch welcomes back "seasoned peeper seekers" and
  invites newcomers to take part.
  Information on Frogwatch 96 can be obtained from the Nova
  Scotia Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, 
  Halifax, N.S., B3H 3A6; phone: 902-424-3727; fax:
  902-424-0560; e-mail:
  Registration deadline is Feb.14.
  Contact: Sue Browne  902-424-3727
  trp                       Jan. 26, 1996 - 2:07 p.m.