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  Supply and Services Minister Gerald O'Malley has announced
  that Dr. Edwin MacLellan of Sydney has been named acting
  chairman of Sydney Tar Ponds Clean-Up Inc. 
  Mr. O'Malley said Dr. MacLellan will act as chairman until
  the position is filled.  Dr. MacLellan has been vice-chair
  of the Sydney Tar Ponds Clean-Up Inc. for the past several
  months. He has been a member of the board of directors since
  1991. He is a professor of engineering at the University
  College of Cape Breton in Sydney.
  The interim appointment was necessary because of the
  resignation earlier this week of Ronald Nicholson as
  Mr. O'Malley said while Mr. Nicholson is leaving for
  personal reasons he has made a major contribution to the
  development of the recently announced proposal for the tar
  ponds solution. 
  "As chairman of the board he worked in harmony with a wide
  range of consultants and is a strong supporter of the
  proposal for containment."
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