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  Issues affecting labour, management and government in Nova
  Scotia were discussed when Labour Minister Guy Brown met
  recently with the Labour-Management Forum in Halifax.
  The forum consists of representatives of major unions and
  employers from across the province. The group meets on a
  regular basis to discuss various workplace issues of
  importance to employees and employers. The forum is
  coordinated by Voluntary Planning, an arms-length government
  "Having management and labour sitting down together around
  the same table is always a good idea," said Mr. Brown. "This
  forum is a productive place to discuss issues, share ideas
  and experiences, and find new solutions."
  Recently, the Labour-Management Forum initiated a voluntary
  arbitration program. This involves a panel of one labour and
  one management member, rendering a decision to assist
  parties in mutually resolving grievances. Of 11
  applications, eight have been successfully resolved -- at a
  significant savings of time and expense. One went on to
  arbitration. The arbitration decision confirmed the panel
  results. Two hearings are still pending.
  "This type of initiative is unique in Canada," said the
  minister. "It shows the positive nature of the work that is
  being done by labour and management in this province.
  Working in partnership means greater understanding and
  better results. On behalf of government, I congratulate the
  members for all their efforts."
  The minister added that he would look at ways to support and
  apply the new voluntary arbitration process within
  The minister also made a commitment to continued
  communications with the forum, including the discussion of
  developing department initiatives. "Getting together today
  is an important step in building a solid partnership between
  labour, management and government for the future. Without a
  doubt, this will hold benefits for all Nova Scotians."
  EDITORS NOTE: For a backgrounder on the Labour-Management
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