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  The winners of the 14th annual Nova Scotia Home Awards
  Program were honored today by Housing and Consumer Affairs
  Minister Eleanor Norrie in a ceremony at the World Trade and
  Convention Centre. Also in attendance were Municipal Affairs
  Minister Sandy Jolly and Natural Resources Minister Don
  Downe whose departments co-sponsor the awards program.
  The program provides recognition for achievements and
  excellence in the fields of residential design, construction
  and renovation. The 1995 program attracted entries from
  across the province. The 35 entries were judged in five
  different categories: home unit design; home construction or
  delivery innovation; home renovation/rehabilitation;
  historical restoration; and energy efficiency or alternative
  Winners in the category of home unit design were William
  Hyde for the Hyde residence in Halifax and Jan Kaye and Ray
  Morin for their home on South Main Street, Mahone Bay.
  In the home construction/delivery innovation category, the
  award went to the Nova Scotia Home Builder's Association for
  "Nova Scotia House", a demonstration home constructed in
  conjunction with the G-7 showcase.
  Ron Smith won the award in the home
  renovation/rehabilitation category for a recent College
  Street project in Halifax.
  In the historical restoration category, Jim and Darlene
  Peerless won for their restoration of the "Wickwire House"
  located in Kentville.
  In addition to the winners, five projects received an
  honourable mention and a further five received letters of
  The submissions were judged by a panel of experts in the
  field of housing design and construction. The jury panel
  included representatives from the Nova Scotia Association of
  Architects, the Canadian Home Builders Association, the
  Departments of Natural Resources and Municipal Affairs as
  well as the Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs.
  "After viewing the submissions, I was touched by the
  considerable efforts and genuine pride which Nova Scotians
  take in their homes," said Mrs. Norrie. "I was also
  impressed by how successful many people have been in
  blending new building and construction technologies with the
  design approaches which are unique and very important to the
  traditional character of our communities will be part of the
  The energy efficiency/alternative category of the awards'
  program is sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources.
  This category promotes greater energy efficiency through
  innovation and new uses of technology.
  "Our involvement demonstrates a commitment to energy
  efficiency and alternative energy by creating awareness
  through the program," said Mr. Downe. "Winners in this
  category have been successful because builders of their
  homes cared about the product they built, and the owners
  cared enough to demand high quality, energy efficient
  In commenting on the submissions in the historical
  restoration category Municipal Affairs Minister Sandy Jolly
  said "The effective and ongoing preservation of the
  thousands of older homes in Nova Scotia will ultimately
  depend on the commitment of private property owners such as
  those being honored today and their efforts will assist our
  tourism industry."
  There were two special presentations in recognition of
  outstanding contributions to housing initiatives in Nova
  Scotia. Mrs. Norrie and Luc Menard, provincial director for
  the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, presented a
  certificate of achievement to Dwight Dorey, chief and
  president of the Native Council of Nova Scotia. The
  certificate was presented in recognition of over two decades
  of work by the council to improve the housing options and
  conditions for aboriginal people.
  "The Native Council of Nova Scotia has demonstrated strong
  leadership in the administration and management of housing
  for both aboriginal and non-aboriginal citizens of this
  province over the past 21 years," says Mr. Menard. "CMHC is
  pleased that this tremendous achievement, which serves as a
  perfect example of effective partnership in housing, is
  today being recognized by our provincial housing partner."
  The second special presentation was made to Bob Bona of
  Scotian Homes, who was recognized as Builder of the Year.
  The award was presented in association with the Nova Scotia
  Home Builders' Association.
  Acknowledging the NSHBA for its efforts in promotion of the
  province's residential construction industry Ms. Norrie said
  "The department is proud to be a member of the association
  and to support liaison between the industry, government and
  the consumer in the field of housing."
  Presenting the award to Ms. Daun Bona, Ms. Norrie said "Mr.
  Bona and Scotian Homes have demonstrated a long standing
  commitment to quality, versatility and continuing customer
  service, all of which have contributed to their success."
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