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  A well-known educator, senior administrator and community
  leader has been hired as superintendent for the new Cape
  Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.
  Dr. Hayes MacNeil, current superintendent of the Cape Breton
  district school board, will be on the job within 10 days,
  providing the leadership to amalgamate the Cape Breton and
  Northside-Victoria school boards by the target date of
  April 1.
  Rene Patry, who chairs the local amalgamation committee and
  the selection committee, said, "Dr. MacNeil knows the
  people, the communities and schools in both districts very
  well. Most important, whether he is in the classroom or the
  boardroom, he always thinks of students first."
  Dr. MacNeil has 32 years of experience within the Cape
  Breton region, teaching at every level of school, from
  elementary through to university. He quickly advanced into
  supervisory and senior administrative positions, bringing
  him to his current appointment in 1993 as superintendent of
  schools for the Cape Breton district.
  Dr. MacNeil completed his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of
  Education at St. Francis Xavier University. He then went on
  to complete his Doctor of Education at the University of
  Tennessee. Dr. MacNeil has always been an active community
  volunteer, from coaching sports, to serving on the UCCB and
  Nova Scotia School Athletic Foundation boards of directors,
  to serving as educational co-ordinator for the Police Club
  building campaign.
  In his application letter, Dr. MacNeil said: "What these
  experiences have taught me is that education is about
  development -- the development of children. I think we can
  make a difference, and after 32 years, I am optimistic that
  we can improve education even in tough times."
  Dr. MacNeil was selected following a rigorous screening
  process, being used to hire all superintendents.
  Advertisements were placed nationally, applicants were
  short-listed and candidates were interviewed by a committee
  with representatives from the local amalgamation committee
  and the Department of Education and Culture. Interview
  questions focused on leadership and management, operational
  management, communications and interpersonal skills,
  knowledge and background in educational issues, and personal
  and professional adaptiveness.
  Contact: Rene Patry  902-563-2080
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