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  The team at the Department of Health's Tobacco Control Unit
  now includes a health education specialist responsible for
  developing health promotion and education programs aimed at
  reducing tobacco use by all Nova Scotians.
  The programs, designed for smokers and non-smokers, will
  feature three key elements -- prevention, protection and
  cessation. One component will be the development of
  prevention strategies.  Another component will be the
  development of health information on the risks associated
  with passive smoke.  A third component will be developing
  strategies to help people quit smoking.
  "Certainly every effort to inform Nova Scotians of the risks
  associated with smoking is a good  investment in the health
  of the people of this province," said Health Minister Dr.
  Ron Stewart.
  The new health education specialist complements the other
  members of the team at the Tobacco Control Unit. Team
  members include tobacco inspectors who ensure the provincial
  legislation prohibiting tobacco sales to youth is being
  "Solid education and health promotion programs combined with
  legislation and regulations form a comprehensive approach to
  try to reduce tobacco use by youths and others in Nova
  Scotia," said Merv Ungurain, director of the Tobacco Control
  Tobacco use in Nova Scotia is a very serious public health
  problem. It is a leading cause of preventable death and
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