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  Premier John Savage will meet with representatives of
  District 26, United Mine Workers of America, Tuesday morning
  at Province House.
  The meeting is intended to be an information session. The
  UMW has a number of issues related to recently announced
  layoffs at the Cape Breton Development Corporation they wish
  to discuss with the provincial government.
  "The government is concerned over the loss of jobs in Cape
  Breton mines. We want to listen to any proposals that could
  result in a long-term, sustainable mining industry," Premier
  Savage said.
  The premier said it is important to remember that Devco is a
  federal crown corporation.
  "I want to make it very clear that the provincial government
  doesn't have the resources required to fix the problem.
  However, we are prepared to work alongside the union, Devco
  management and federal officials in an effort to find a
  long-term solution to the crown corporation's current
  The premier said following the notice of layoffs at Devco,
  the provincial government stepped up its pursuit of
  additional job opportunities in Cape Breton.
  EDITORS NOTE: The meeting between the Premier and UMW is
  scheduled for 11 a.m.
  Contact: David Harrigan  902-424-6600
  trp                     Feb. 05, 1996 - 3:54 p.m.